Haga Golf brings greenskeeping into the digital age with Orange Business IoT solutions

  • Smart IoT solution allows Haga to keep golf course in perfect condition
  • Greenskeepers can track moisture, temperature and oxygen levels

Haga Golf in Oslo, Norway has chosen Orange Business to help make its golf course management smarter. The Orange IoT solution will support the transformation of costly labor-intensive greenskeeping duties and ensure optimal course conditions throughout the season.

Keeping golf courses in good condition is a major issue for many golf clubs in Northern Europe, where weather can be volatile. Turf care is a challenge, as is ensuring the grass survives the cold winters. Golf course maintenance priorities vary considerably during the seasons. While monitoring soil moisture for safe irrigation, temperature to avoid grass burn and conductivity as an indicator of fertilizer levels are vital during the summer season, the handling of oxygen levels is more important in the winter and drives protective actions.

The autonomous sensor monitoring system from Orange will help Haga Golf greenskeepers track and understand the changing weather conditions. This will enable them to keep the greens in the best condition possible.

“The greenskeeping function is critical to us, and we see great benefits in this tailored IoT sensor solution. We have started an innovative collaboration with Orange where our employees can work more efficiently, and our members can use the course more often,” said Erik Solberg, General Manager, Haga Golf.

“Haga Golf is an excellent example of how an organization can use smart technology to solve time consuming duties. We are pleased that Haga Golf chose us as their technology partner, and we look forward to developing even more innovative solutions together. Haga Golf has paved the way for other golf courses and organizations with similar issues, such as public park maintenance, to improve efficiencies and costs through the connected world of IoT,” said Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe at Orange Business.