Global M2M Association eliminates borders with seamless global connectivity solution to be showcased at Mobile World Congress

‘Multi-Domestic Service’ simplifies deployment of global M2M and IoT solutions with end-to-end multinational connectivity 


The Global M2M Association (GMA), a cooperation of six international tier-one operators (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, TeliaSonera, Telecom Italia Mobile, Bell Canada and SoftBank) in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market will showcase its revolutionary new Multi-Domestic Service at Mobile World Congress 2015. Jointly implemented by GMA operators, the Multi-Domestic Service is designed to help global enterprises capitalize on the growth of connected devices. It is one of the most innovative M2M connectivity management services on the market and enables global deployment and management of M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) services predominantly in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.


Multinational enterprises offering connected products to their global customer base are faced today with a key challenge: how to provide a seamless and easy-to-manage localized IoT solution for end-users. The GMA’s Multi-Domestic Service solves this issue by delivering a single consolidated M2M management platform provided by Ericsson and already rolled out with TeliaSonera, Orange and Bell Canada, leveraging GSMA-compliant embedded SIM cards (eUICC) and the subscription management platform provided by Gemalto.  


One platform, One SIM, One experience

The Multi-Domestic Service platform provides real-time connectivity management so that enterprises can effectively manage, monitor, troubleshoot and support their connected devices operated globally from a single source. It also offers powerful administration tools, including flexible definition of different roles and views, according to individual needs and business demands. The embedded SIMs and the subscription management platform allow for easy lifecycle and connectivity management as they automatically adapt to the status of the connected products throughout their lifecycle – from manufacturing, testing, shipping and distribution to the end-user. Furthermore, the eSIMs will be provisioned with a localized profile and end-user offers within the GMA footprint, which enables global enterprises to develop M2M connected devices regardless of location around the world and to leverage customized end-user offers wherever they are based.


The customer benefits of GMA’s Multi-Domestic Service are clear:

  • Best in class coverage: It is jointly implemented by  international tier-one operators with an unparalleled network footprint and leading LTE deployments, who can deliver an outstanding service based on high speed network excellence.
  • New business models: It enables new flexible and on-demand business models and M2M applications (e.g. InCar Wifi) which enterprises can offer to their customers.
  • Simplicity: It brings connected products to market quicker by offering one consistent solution over multiple networks and countries, thus eliminating the hurdles of fragmented markets with different carriers and technologies in Europe and worldwide.
  • Service excellence : It ensures superior and enhanced service quality (e.g. incident management over multiple operators)
  • Total cost of ownership: It efficiently provides and manages services across a global footprint.
  • Future-proof: It is compliant with local regulations and laws, for instance in countries where permanent roaming is not allowed.


“The Internet of Things presents a number of challenges for enterprises as they seek to offer a global experience while providing local flexibility on pricing for connectivity. This is exactly the type of initiative that we believe will simplify the process of connecting devices around the world to the benefit of both enterprises and end-users, ultimately supporting the rapid growth rates that we anticipate in the IoT market,” said Matt Hatton, Founder & CEO at Machina Research.  


"For many enterprises the race is on to provide interactive connected services, underpinning this is the need for a simple solution that provides connectivity globally. The GMA’s Multi-Domestic Service offers global capability, a flexible management solution which works in harmony with an enterprise’s product lifecycle and critically provides a low total cost of ownership for connectivity," said Hans Dahlberg, Head of TeliaSonera Global M2M Services and one of the founding members of the GMA. 


Live demonstration at MWC

MWC attendees can experience a live demonstration of the GMA’s Multi-Domestic Service by visiting:

  • GSMA Innovation City Area, Hall 3, Stand 3A11&3A31
  • Ericsson Booth, Hall 2, Stand Z3.B1
  • Gemalto Booth, Hall 5, Stand 5A80