"Flux Vision" the leading Big Data Solution among tourism professionals

  • nearly half of all French local tourism agencies and committees measure site visits, event attendance and travel flows with Flux Vision
  • the solution is now attracting interest from new stakeholders involved in land-use planning, trade and transport to refine their understanding of population mobility (or movement)

As businesses and communities are still in the process of evaluating big data solutions, some sectors have already deployed data analytics projects to better understand their customers’ behavior. Designed by Orange Business, Flux Vision analyzes in real time more than 4 million pieces of new information per minute and translates them into statistical indicators to provide metrics on geographic area visits and population movement. Today, more than 70 businesses and communities rely on Flux Vision.

tourism: understanding mobility patterns and measuring event attendance

In the tourism sector, Flux Vision provides detailed metrics on geographic area attendance rate for a given period and by population type: residents, tourists, sightseers (for a single day) or people in transit. With Flux Vision, tourism professionals analyzed attendance at over 30 festivals and sporting events, including the Route du Rhum and certain stages of the Tour de France. This solution was also used by the Bouches du Rhône region to consider the development of accesses to the Parc des Calanques.

transportation: deeper analysis of routes and ticketing data

Flux Vision provides land-use and transportation experts additional insight into travel patterns and schedules, traffic by transport line, comparisons of traffic by mode of transport between two cities, real-time information on traffic congestion points (section, station, etc.), delays. Orange Applications for Business, the digital services company of Orange Business, is currently working with several passenger transportation leaders to improve their understanding of passenger flows on their networks.

trade & distribution: adapting hours of operation and choosing business sites 

In October 2014, Flux Vision was extended with a new feature dedicated to trade and distribution brands. Beyond statistical information on mobility, Orange Applications for Business now provides segmented metrics by age and gender. With Flux Vision, distribution networks and shopping centers can improve their knowledge of visitor profiles and their surrounding areas.

a proprietary algorithm developed by Orange Labs to ensure anonymity

The algorithm, which ensures irreversible anonymity, was developed by Orange Labs engineers to process technical data of the mobile network – including real time location.

These technical data are displayed as indicators without any possibility to trace back to any individual. The development of Flux Vision has been regularly submitted to the “Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés” ( French regulatory authority in charge of protecting the confidentiality of personal information) at different design stages.

Orange Business big data expertise: analytics and data intelligence

Orange Business supports its clients’ big data projects focused on process optimization, improved knowledge of customers, and development of new services. To accelerate their digital transformation, Orange Business provides:

  • consulting services (data and knowledge audits, governance analysis, legal and security issues, etc.)
  • development and integration services for data processing and analysis solutions
  • dedicated secured storage and test infrastructures

Orange Business clients can rely on a team of over 250 business intelligence and big data experts to ensure the success of their projects. Orange Applications for Business plans to further strengthen its teams by recruiting new data specialists, including "data scientists".