Flux Vision innovates to tackle sustainability challenges

  • In its ten-year history, Flux Vision has established itself as the leading, real time population flows’ observation tool, providing anonymised data from Orange's consumer mobile network.
  • The GDPR-compliant solution facilitates the implementation of territorial development strategies by local authorities and customers in the tourism, distribution, and transport industries.
  • Orange Business innovates by including to Flux Vision new indicators measuring the carbon footprint of the movement of people and goods.

Orange Business has announced the integration of new indicators into its population flow observation tool to measure the carbon footprint produced by the movement of people and goods.

Flux Vision, a solution developed by Orange Business, enables the analysis of millions of anonymised technical data points in real-time on the Orange consumer mobile network. The solution converts data into reliable and statistically accurate indicators that measure the number and the movement of populations across various geographical areas. It specializes in three areas: commerce, transport and tourism. With these new indicators, Orange Business continues to develop its portfolio of sustainable offerings to help clients manage their sustainability transition.

"Technology and innovation support us in meeting current ecological, economic and social challenges on our way to sustainability. Flux Vision is just one example in our portfolio committed to promoting sustainable environmental performance. Digital technology simplifies the creation and management of large quantities of data, which is essential to measure this environmental performance. We are proud to support our customers by offering new services with reduced environmental impact, while continuing to further develop those already existing," says Jérôme Goulard, Director of Sustainable Development, Orange Business.

  • New indicators solve CSR challenges

To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, Flux Vision today brings together its key partners at the "Data servicing sustainable development" event in Marseille, France. The event aims to showcase Flux Vision's positive impact in helping customers forming better decisions for a sustainable future.

Flux Vision indicators are already being used by our customers, for example to adopt intelligent public lighting by measuring visitor numbers every 30 minutes, or to justify and guide a waste prevention campaign on beaches by analysing visitor numbers and where visitors come from.

Large-scale innovations in artificial intelligence enable the development of new indicators to measure, evaluate and identify effective actions for a reduced carbon footprint. In particular, the footprint of tourism and the logistics flows.

For this, Flux Vision has developed artificial intelligence algorithms that associate the mode of transport used to get to an event, for example, with the travel speed between each antenna on the Orange mobile network. This data is then combined with the CO2 emission factors linked to each mode of transport, recovered from the Empreinte® database. Since Flux Vision also measures the quantity of journeys, it represents a turning point for customers wishing to assess the environmental impact of the movement of goods and people.

  • Flux Vision: ten years of strategic use in the tourism industry

The solution results from a collaboration with Provence Tourisme following the "Marseille Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013" event, which required the observation of its attendees. As a result of limited analysis tools, Provence Tourisme and Orange Business partnered to individualise and collect data from Orange's mobile network in real time, while ensuring complete anonymity.

Flux Vision officially launched with the signature of the first framework contract with ADN Tourisme. The aim was to collect and analyse the population's behaviour and share the data with the organisation’s subscribers. Today, this contract with ADN Tourisme includes 78 customers, more than 1.000 studies carried out since 2013, and 18 billion anonymised data processed daily.

"Flux Vision has become indispensable to tourism observatories. The solution provides a very high level of reliability in the reconstruction of the nature and the origins of the local population flows, over time and in space. This further strengthens local tourism observation", comments Christel Berlingué, Observation and Engineering Project Manager, ADN Tourisme.