Eutech trusts Orange Business to run its smart cities service in the cloud

Eutech Cybernetic has chosen Orange Business secured Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Flexible Computing Express to host and manage iVivaCloud™, its innovative smart city service platform. 

transforming cities with smart infrastructure

At a time when urban landscapes are changing rapidly, cities are confronting new challenges such as optimizing power supplies and transport, improving the quality of life of their citizens and making themselves more attractive for businesses and tourists alike. Digital technology plays a central role in this transformation. 

iVivaCloud™ is an Internet of Everything (IoE) platform, which provides a suite  of applications for smart cities, smart buildings and offices. It allows the property operator to manage a single building, a set of buildings or an entire city across multiple locations from a single user-centric platform, via any device and from anywhere. iVivaCloud™ delivers smart ways of managing traffic, irrigation, sewage, utilities and car parks for the shopping malls, new districts and industrial cities that are being developed in the Middle East.

Through Flexible Computing Express, Eutech is able to dynamically manage the IT infrastructure required by its platform through a secured web portal. This allows it to meet fluctuating demand and support business growth in the burgeoning smart cities market in the Middle East. Eutech also benefits from the “cloud coach service” as part of Flexible Computing Express. Cloud experts from Orange Business Service support Eutech in the design and management of its cloud infrastructure, which frees it up to focus on the development of its own platform and applications.

reliability and security of cloud infrastructure key to choice of Orange Business

Moving iVivaCloud™ from a public cloud to the Orange Business cloud infrastructure means that Eutech can guarantee its customers high levels of security and confidentiality. With Flexible Computing Express, Eutech will have its own private virtual data center within Orange Business Tier III+ data centers. Moreover, Eutech will offer its customers private access to its applications via the cloud hub Business VPN Galerie. They will able to connect to iVivaCloud™ directly through Orange Business private network. 

Continuity of service is key when managing a city facility. Eutech needs to guarantee its customers 24/7 access to real-time operational intelligence and analysis. Flexible Computing Express meets the security, performance and availability needs of smart cities management, with 99.95 percent monthly uptime and built-in functions such as a dedicated virtual firewall, daily backup and around-the-clock support.

Giorgio Heiman, vice president, emerging markets and indirect channels, Orange Business said, “Through our own smart cities program, we understand the importance of cloud computing as a key enabler of the digital transformation of cities. It allows cities to develop smart and connected services for their citizens without investing in IT infrastructures that they could not afford and don’t have the skills to develop. Flexible Computing Express provides the flexibility and security that Eutech needs for their innovative iVivaCloud™ smart city software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.”  

Dr. Hari Gunasingham, CEO of Eutech Cybernetic said “iVivaCloud™ on Orange Business secure cloud infrastructure will be a key asset for us when city operator’s requirements in terms of security are on the increase. The successful projects we have already jointly implemented with Orange in multiple geographies stand proof of our ability to bring unprecedented value to businesses. MEA is a key market for us and the fact that Orange Business has its feet on the ground in the region and is a key player in Smart Cities is clearly an asset.”