Enovacom, Orange Business’ healthcare subsidiary, agreed to buy 100% of Exelus, a major player in telemedicine

  • Exelus owns Nomadeec, a platform for healthcare professionals in the field to communicate with emergency call centers, and assess patients directly via secure video call
  • Nomadeec also allows remote consultations and assessments across multiple healthcare channels
  • This acquisition reinforces Orange Business’ strategy of developing solutions for healthcare professionals

Today Enovacom, the Orange Business healthcare subsidiary, announced the acquisition of Exelus, the French leader in emergency and day to day telemedicine. Exelus owns the mobile telemedicine solution Nomadeec.

Nomadeec provides healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art tools to remotely carry out scheduled consultations, assessments, and care appointments, as well as emergency telemedicine (triage over telephone, video and electronic Patient Care Record). It meets the needs of emergency and everyday healthcare facilities and professionals who want to further their use of telemedicine to strengthen regional cooperation and streamline patient care pathways. The platform offers simple and effective digital tools that are tailored to each user profile.

Nomadeec has already been deployed within 25% of emergency medical service organizations in France (SAMUs), more than 200 health and social care centers and more than 150 ambulance companies, creating a complete regional network that provides a single solution for all these new uses of telemedicine. This platform will complement Enovacom’s range of solutions and strengthen its strategy of developing solutions for healthcare professionals.

Combining expertise from Enovacom, Orange Business and Exelus will help to ensure the development of Nomadeec and accelerate its roll out both in France and abroad. As part of Orange Business, Enovacom can leverage its vital and unique skills in the telemedicine market within the larger areas of networks, 5G, IoT, interoperability and data security. This acquisition reinforces Orange Business’ strategic positioning as a trusted partner for digital transformation in the area of e-health.

“We are excited to be joining Enovacom at a time when telemedicine is an essential part of the health system. We are going to benefit from the strength and expertise of the Orange Group, and we will create many synergies to accelerate the roll out of our platform Nomadeec in France and abroad,” explained Xavier Maurin, CEO and Co-founder of Exelus.

“We are delighted that the talented team of experts behind Nomadeec is joining Enovacom to further achieve our purpose of saving critical time for and providing healthcare professionals with digital solutions. Telemedicine is a strategic area for healthcare facilities and patients alike. Bringing Exelus on board means that, from within Orange Business, Enovacom will be able to offer a unique telemedicine solution to the market,” says Laurent Frigara, Deputy CEO and Co-founder of Enovacom.

The completion of this acquisition is subject to conditions precedent.