Digital transformation of network infrastructure: Orange Business launches a first SDN pilot for small and medium enterprises


  • Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), a major network expansion opportunity
  • A pilot to test real-world uses and features of SDN


The digital transformation of enterprises has created new expectations to implement new types of uses of voice, data and video. Companies must rely on a secure, scalable and flexible network – with straightforward management – to focus on their core business and develop new services. To meet such challenges, Orange Business launched today its first pilot of a 100% digital and automated SDN solution for small and medium enterprises (SMBs).


SDN and NFV: a major network expansion opportunity

Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) represent the next chapter in network (r)evolution. Both technologies offer a new way to virtualize networks end-to-end, simplify operation and configuration, and automate management and evolution. Network intelligence, initially supported by hardware components (routers, firewalls, etc.) is now virtualized through an NFV software platform. This approach secures network monitoring via an SDN controller, managing data flow prioritization and routing. It also provides network managers with a centralized digital interface, which can be accessed from smartphones. They can simply and quickly perform a total network reconfiguration, update features or deploy new software, without any manual intervention. 


a pilot to test real-world uses and features of SDN

By April 2015, around ten SMBs (with up to ten sites) will test in real conditions for a year a 100% digital plug-and-play SDN offer, developed by Orange Business. This SDN pilot will be used by these companies to create and manage in real time their Intranet and Internet networks via a web portal. With this simple and secure interface, network managers can also order and customize new virtualized application services of their choice: Internet content filtering, advanced security and antivirus.


This solution will also include the deployment of a private and secure corporate network, offering the best available bandwidth (ADSL, VDSL or fiber) and leveraging a ready-to-use router. Pilot companies will receive advanced support services from the project team.


For this pilot, Orange has deployed in its business dedicated network an SDN controller and virtualized services. The feedback from the project will be leveraged to adjust the positioning and functionalities of the solution to be launched commercially in 2016.


This pilot project is part of a larger program named "SDN for Business" dedicated to formalizing and implementing Orange Business' SDN strategy. SDN is among the top priorities of the Orange Group in defining its network evolution strategy.