conquests 2015: Orange Business aims to be leader in communication solutions, converging telcos and IT

  • driving ambition: to become the global leader in the integration of communication solutions
  • priority areas for growth: cloud computing, video, Internet of Things and emerging countries, at the heart of the conquest strategy
  • In France: to help business clients, from MNCs to SMEs, transform their IT and to enrich their communication services.

In line with the "conquests 2015" plan presented by France Telecom-Orange on July 5, Vivek Badrinath, Executive VP of Orange Business, today presented the main priorities for its five-year strategy, explaining that: "In a context where IT and telecoms are once again becoming a core concern for business leaders, we are guided by one key ambition: to become the leader in the integration of communication solutions for businesses in France and worldwide by 2015, consolidating our position as an IT infrastructures operator, making telecoms and IT converge".


5 priorities for Orange Business

For Orange Business, being a communication solutions integrator means developing, deploying and managing - on a secure IT infrastructure and effective networks - simplified communication and collaboration solutions, vertical applications that are as close as possible to the business issues faced, and optimized customer contact solutions. Being the global leader means being able to deliver all of this expertise "as a service" and offering the best customer experience worldwide.

The strategy defined by Orange Business is based on 5 priorities:
1.    being an employer which is attentive to the well-being of its staff and society in general
2.    ensuring that customers choose Orange for its outstanding customer experience
3.    focusing on growth drivers and improving the marketing of its innovative solutions
4.    defining and implementing the most relevant regional strategies
5.    optimizing its performance


growth drivers: four strategic objectives

Orange Business has set itself strong objectives in four key markets:

  • generating 500 million euros in cloud computing by 2015 by accelerating its developments focusing on four areas: cloud-ready networks, "as a service" infrastructures, "as a service" collaborative solutions and communications, and application stores.
  • selling 10 million SIM cards by 2015 on the M2M market (or Internet of Things), capitalizing on: the development of services beyond connectivity, its dedicated international expertise center in Brussels and its role as the driving force for the standardization of the market.
  • becoming number 1 for videoconferencing in France and one of the top three worldwide. The guiding principles include: interoperability of terminals and networks, development of managed and hosted solutions, as well as simplification of uses through user support.
  • generating 1 billion euros in revenues in emerging countries, by both supporting international customers with the development of their activities in these countries and strengthening its own presence alongside local multinationals.

Orange Business is also working to boost its very high-speed fixed and mobile networks and developing its operations in mobile management services, customer relationship management, the workstation of the future and security services.