Cloud computing: Orange Business continues to develop its infrastructure as a service solutions with Flexible Computing Premium

Orange Business is further strengthening its Flexible Computing Services range, offering infrastructure virtualization solutions, with the launch of Flexible Computing Premium, a bespoke solution designed enterprises, making it possible to combine flexibility, personalization and quality of service.

With the launch of this new offer, Orange Business is confirming its ambition on the cloud computing market, and more specifically infrastructure as a service. Cloud computing is one of the key growth drivers defined by Orange Business in line with the "conquests 2015" strategic program. In this way, Orange Business aims to generate 500 million euros on cloud computing in 2015.

Flexible Computing Premium can be tailored to the IT projects and challenges at stake for businesses, thanks to:

  • A bespoke architecture: Flexible Computing Premium is based on a catalog of pre-industrialized services making it possible to rapidly build a customized IT infrastructure;
  • The possibility to combine virtualized and non-virtualized elements within the same architecture to support all types of applications, even those that do not operate in a virtualized environment;
  • The outsourcing of all or part of customer IT infrastructures, whether they are intranet (critical applications or databases on different servers) or Internet (Web site with strong traffic levels, secure e-tailer site), with the possibility for rapid upgrades once the architecture has been deployed;
  • Pay-as-you go billing, enabling the perfect optimization of IT resources and costs;
  • Different levels of service management, making it possible to meet the various needs of businesses depending on the criticality of applications (development platform, internal application, e-commerce site, etc.). In this way, businesses can entrust all or part of the management of their solution thanks to four possible levels of delegation:
    - Technical infrastructure management: management of the network, physical and virtual server security, storage.
    - Operating system management: Windows or Linux operating systems and infrastructure.
    - Joint application infrastructure management: the business delegates part of the management of infrastructure software to Orange Business. A series of administration tools are made available to the client business on a virtual administration machine for managing its Windows and/or Linux servers.
    - Delegated technical management of applications, with Orange Business operating and supervising the applications.


A dedicated customer service manager is on hand to support the customer from deployment through to operations in line with their development plans. Moreover, thanks to a Web portal and detailed reporting system, the business is able to ensure visibility over its IT architecture at all times.


  • Optimum quality of service: the business benefits from its applications being hosted and backed up in Orange Business' secure data centers (SAS70), with 24-7 security management (ISO 27000 certified).
    Orange offers a choice of performance commitments depending on the level of management selected, from 99.5% to 99.9%, as well as an optional business recovery plan to ensure maximum security.

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