3M chooses Orange Business to help with the digital transformation of its healthcare business thanks to the launch of an innovative oral-care solution

In Europe, 3M now relies on Orange Business' secure cloud platform – Flexible Computing Healthcare– to host both its medical applications and patient information. Orange Business support will be implemented with the launch of the 3M ™ True Definition Scanner – a digital scanner developed by 3M’s Oral Care Business Unit.

Flexible Computing Healthcare: the core of the new 3M Oral Care digital solutions

3M and Orange Business designed an advanced solution, illustrating 3M’s digital connectivity transformation. 3M ™ True Definition Scanner, an intra-oral digital camera, provides highly accurate digital scans and handles secure data transmission to production centers where prosthetic and orthodontic works or moldings are produced via 3D printers. It provides better patient care, saves time and maximizes the comfort offered to dentists, orthodontists, dental technicians and patients.

This platform also requires the storage and sharing of patient data. With the Orange Flexible Computing Healthcare solution, 3M implemented a solution complying with the legal requirements of the French Ministry of Health. The French legislation, one of the most stringent in Europe, requires that the data be hosted by an organization approved by the Ministry of Health.

Digital transformation of 3M’s healthcare business

The development of e-health technologies, symbolized by the migration from hardware tools to connected systems, responds to a genuine desire to transform its business model. The main challenge faced by 3M on this project was to implement a flexible infrastructure to deploy its solutions in its various European subsidiaries, while complying with local regulations.

3M, a world leader in medical and oral care systems, has set the ambition to strengthen its health business by offering its solutions via the cloud "as-a-service" available in Europe.

To provide the best possible support, Orange Business and the Orange Healthcare business unit implemented the Flexible Computing Healthcare solution and leveraged its extensive e-health expertise and knowledge of the legal and local requirements applicable to the storage of personal and administrative information. On this project, Orange Business also leveraged the expertise of the Orange Consulting business unit to design the international implementation strategy – from market research to actual country-by-country implementation.

"With Flexible Computing Healthcare, we support the introduction of the new 3M e-health platform and actively contribute to its integration to a connected market. We are particularly proud of this collaboration with 3M, which comes at an important time in their history." said Thierry Zylberberg, Director, Orange Healthcare.

"The Orange Flexible Computing Healthcare hosting solution is a perfect fit for our development strategy in the field of digital solutions for healthcare professionals. As a major player on this market, 3M must comply with all legal frameworks to offer to its customers improved security levels and ease of use. In addition, the protection of health data is a sensitive issue, and that's why 3M wished to partner with a globally recognized partner, " added Karim Mansour, General Manager of Health Markets, 3M France.

With this first experience, 3M expands its family of digital solutions and now offers its new Unitek ™ Treatment Management Portal (TMP) for Incognito™ also hosted by Orange. TMP is an online order management platform connected to the Lingual Incognito™ orthodontic production system. This platform handles information exchanges, visualization of patient dental scans, malocclusion models, setup proposals, and more.

3M True Definition Scanner is an Im class medical device according to Directive 93/42 EEC. CE0123 marking. 3M Deutschland GmbH. Germany. Carefully read the information on the package leaflet or package before use. Distributed by 3M France, 95006 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex. 3M and True Defintion Scanner are trademarks of 3M Deutschland GmbH. © 3M. All rights reserved. June 2014.

Incognito ™ is an IIa class medical device according to Directive 93/42 EEC. CE0123 marking. TOP-Service für Lingualtechnik GmbH, Germany. Read the information on the package leaflet before use. Distributed by 3M France, 95006 Cergy Pontoise Cedex.

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