Numbering: The IoT SIM move to 15 digits

On the 1st of July 2017, the mobile numbers of the Orange Business IoT (Internet of Things)/M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM will increase from 11 to 15 digits.

This change, pursuant to ARCEP* resolution**, is aiming to preserve the 11-digit number resource for interpersonal communications while the M2M and connected objects (Internet of Things) market is booming.

The application of this resolution is mandatory for any mobile provider licensed under French Law. All IoT/M2M customers using the mobile number resource of France are impacted by the change, whatever their mobile operator.

How will this impact my subscription?

There will be no impact to your subscription.

The application of this decision changes neither your IoT connectivity terms nor the related services.
However, this new numbering will affect the display of the mobile call number and may impact its transmission. Compliance with the 15-digit format may require adjustment on your IT systems and applications.

What is the number format?

IoT SIMs currently have the 11-digit number format: 33 6 xx xx xx xx or 33 7 xx xx xx xx.
Beginning 1 July 2017, new IoT SIMs will get the 15-digit format: 33 7 00 xx xx xx xx xx.
This number format complies with the E.164 standard of the International Telecommunications Union (international public telecommunications numbering plan).

What about existing lines?

IoT SIMs delivered before 1 July 2017 will not change and will keep their 11-digit numbers.
A mix of 11-digit and 15-digit numbers will then appear on the portal and on your invoices.

How will this impact operators' interconnections?

This will not impact operators' interconnections. The interconnections between the different operators and networks will be maintained, and calls between 11-digit and 15-digit SIMs are possible.

*ARCEP: "Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes" - French regulation authority

**ARCEP resolutions: No. 2012-0855 (17 July 2012) & No. 2015-1295 (22 October 2015)