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How five innovative companies are partnering with Orange to enable their IoT ambitions.

The internet of things (IoT) is growing exponentially: more devices are getting connected, changing the world around us daily and bringing us services that previously existed only in our imagination. The following five case studies are IoT business ideas that Orange Business is helping its partners realize. 

According to IoT and big data analyst Machina Research, the total number of IoT connections will grow to a staggering 27 billion by 2025. The ability to change everyday products into smart devices will bring us new services while enabling businesses to create exciting new revenue streams and accelerate innovation.

The total IoT revenue opportunity could be worth $3 trillion in 2025, up from $750 billion in 2015, according to Machina Research.  Of this figure, $1.3 trillion will be derived directly from end-users in the form of things, connectivity and application revenue.  The remainder will come from IoT-related sources such as systems integration, application development, hosting and data monetization.

“However, it’s not just a case of rising tides lifting all boats,” explains Matt Hatton, CEO of Machina Research. “To take advantage of opportunities in IoT, suppliers need to understand the key market dynamics and their competitive environment, and develop best practice.”

Orange Business has been helping several innovative IoT companies drive their concepts forward, tailoring solutions that accommodate different technologies and architectures. The results are bringing change to both business and consumers, improving efficiency and making lives easier.  

Simple installation.

Ease of use and installation together with uninterruptable connectivity are two of the key elements consumers demand from IoT solutions, while device makers want futureproof scalable solutions to support their growth.

Orange has been working closely with two companies to meet these requirements: Chuango Security Technology Corporation which specializes in wireless home security and automation, and Tractive, a tracking service for pets from mobile devices.

Chuango and Tractive both wanted to provide global real-time connectivity that is available out-of-the-box.  Orange has provided both companies with Orange multi-roaming SIM cards, capable of roaming on different networks. They are installed and tested at the production stage.  Once purchased the user simply activates the device on a web portal, making it quick and easy to use.  Users pay a monthly subscription or service fee for the connectivity.

Both vendors manage the SIMs and connectivity using the Orange Datavenue management platform.

Connected drivers benefit.

IoT behind the scenes is changing the face of the automotive industry, addressing everything from safety to fleet management.

Orange has been collaborating with two automotive IoT startups in very different fields.

Splitsecnd provides smart emergency assistance for vehicles, while Konetik offers a plug-and-play fleet management solution, tracking data on everything from energy consumption to job logging. 

Orange helped startup Konetik from an early product development stage, including advising on the optimal connectivity solution. Konetik also wanted to provide value-added services including service management and access to a portal for SIM card management.

A multi-roaming SIM card has provided a secure, reliable and cost effect cross-border roaming solution for Konetik, who can also provide drivers with access to data that can help them increase their driving skills and efficiency.

Accident and emergency response is at the core of splitsecnd. In the event of an accident, splitsecnd, a portable plug-in crash detection device calls for help. The service relies on real-time data transmission and global IoT connectivity.  The Orange global network eliminates roaming charges for splitsecnd. The solution utilizes an Orange SIM card embedded in the device with the real-time location and driving data synched to the splitsecnd dashboard via limitless wireless connectivity.

Environment benefits.

Residential, commercial and public buildings use up around 40 percent of global energy, according to the United Nations Environment Program. In addition, buildings also offer enormous potential for achieving significant emission reductions in developed and developing countries.

IoT can help reduce the energy that buildings consume.  Japanese air conditioning specialist Daikin has developed i-Net, an IoT solution that enables companies to monitor their heating and air conditioning performance. It can give them an accurate snapshot of their carbon footprint.

Orange has installed 3G routers for Daikin, linked to a monthly subscription to manage the 3G Internet connection. The solution transfers data collected by iNet from the heating or air conditioning appliances to the customer’s inbox and on to a dedicated analysis application.  This route provides an Internet network independent from the customer’s own network. Benefits have included quicker and easier connections and more customers, who had previously been wary of monitoring systems that plugged into their own networks.

IoT is delivering.

IoT is creating a new world around us. It has the power to enhance how every industry operates and change the way we send our work and leisure time.  Its impact will be huge – this is just the beginning.

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