Nuts and bolts: the names and numbers that make up Orange at UEFA EURO 2016™.

Supplying all the IT infrastructure and digital communications technology to make UEFA EURO 2016™ the most connected sports event ever is obviously a big job. As Official Telecommunications Service Provider to the tournament, Orange partnered with UEFA to deliver connectivity to 10 stadiums and the International Broadcast Centre (IBC).
With a cumulative global TV audience of over 8 billion expected to tune in, there is a lot to deliver on the broadcast operation. Here are some definitions to understand the technological challenges in the broadcast arena.

Broadcast Compound - Hub of broadcast operations at the venue, where core production and technical facilities (including television outside broadcast vans) are located. Sometimes referred to as TV compound or Outside Broadcast Van area. This is how a TV audience of over 8 billion viewers around the world is able to watch the action.

4K HDTV – 4K High Definition TV. 4K technology, also called ultra-high definition, is one of the big new technological advances of this UEFA EURO 2016™ tournament. It delivers a resolution four times greater than the current standard Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. 4K combined with Dolby Digital surround sound will let TV football fans enjoy the matches in higher quality than ever!

MCR - Master Control Room. Located at the IBC, this is the audio and video control center responsible for switching and distributing all multilateral and unilateral radio and television signals.

CCR - Commentary Control Room. This is the hub, within the International Broadcast Centre (see below), for connecting all commentary circuits to the telecom network and to the broadcasters' own operational areas within the stadium. Again ensuring that those viewers around the world get a great match-watching experience.

VBC - Venue Broadcast Centre: Host Broadcast premises in the TV Compound hosting the UEFA Host Broadcasting offices. The official ten stadiums where the UEFA EURO 2016™ Final Tournament will be staged as well as the International Broadcast Centre; includes all the facilities inside the security perimeter.

International Broadcast Centre (IBC) – The International Broadcast Centre is the central hub for transmitting matches around the globe to TV viewers for UEFA EURO 2016™. The IBC will also host the IT Command Centre (ITCC) where Orange and other partners will work around the clock to deliver IT services. It will be located in Paris and will accommodate up to 1,500 technicians, broadcasters and UEFA personnel.

Fan zones - Areas where the general public, can watch UEFA EURO 2016™ matches transmitted on giant screens. Also home to activities and entertainment organized by UEFA commercial partners and sponsors. Orange is supplying 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to all fan zones in France.

UEFA HB - UEFA Host Broadcast. The group within UEFA Events in charge of TV production of the UEFA events, including live, additional production, training camps coverage and more.

UEFA - Union des Associations Européennes de Football. Created in 1954, UEFA comprises 54 national football associations and is itself recognised by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) as one of six continental federations. Orange is proud to join UEFA EURO 2016™ as official partner of UEFA EURO 2016™.