international business across land and sea

Brazil: world’s 6th largest economy
Latin America’s largest country by size and population, Brazil has a population of 201 million, abundant raw materials and numerous growth sectors, making  it an extremely promising market for investors. Orange has been present in the country since 1963 and with local invoicing can help customers manage the customs barriers that make Brazil one of the continent’s most complicated markets. One of Orange Business major service centers (MSC) is based in Rio, Brazil.
During the 2014 World Cup, Orange hired special teams to handle the surge in activity. Preventive measures were taken to ensure that customers, including the leading Latin American electric motor manufacturer WEG, would enjoy continual service and the same quality support, even in the event of logistics problems or on-site security issues.  
Russia: resource-rich heavyweight
Despite its current economic woes, with a population of 143 million and rising middle class, Russia continues to present interesting investment opportunities. Orange is the only international operator to have both an ultramodern network infrastructure and local licenses. Present in the country since 1958, Orange provides 30 hosting platforms and one voice platform, and currently employs over 1,000 employees in 36 regions. 
Orange provides its 5,000 business clients (including JTI, Coca-Cola, Danone, L’Oréal, Rosbank, Sberbank, and Lukoi) with a full range of services, including IP transformation, voice and data convergence, IT and telecoms integration solutions. 
India: vibrant hotbed of talent
It’s no surprise that India is an extraordinary hotbed of young, English-speaking talent: 560 million of its 1.28 billion inhabitants are under the age of 25, and the country has a high-performing and modern university system. Despite the global economic crisis, the Indian economy is still expanding, with many sectors experiencing vigorous growth. And many international companies are eager to get in on the action. Orange has been present in India since 1969 and has an detailed understanding of local legal and business issues. In addition, Orange has located one of its five MSCs in Gurgaon, near Delhi. 
State Bank of India, India’s largest state-owned bank, tapped Orange to outfit several of its branches located in remote areas with a high-performance IT network. Thanks to the quality network solutions offered by Orange, State Bank of India is now better prepared to meet its clients’ needs, no matter where its branches are located. 
China: world’s largest domestic market
China offers massive opportunities to multinationals across a landmass of over 9.6 million square kilometers with a population of 1.3 billion people. But in such a vast and complex country, local support is essential. For this reason, Orange has built partnerships with the two main state-owned operators, China Telecom (since 2006) and China Unicom (since 2001), procuring the licenses needed to offer its customers a full line of products. 
Haier, an appliance company, contracted Orange to set up a cloud solution linking its head office in Qingdao with its branches in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Now the group’s employees can connect to the company’s business applications anytime and from anywhere. 
Africa: a continent with a bright future
After reaching 4% in 2013, Africa’s economic growth rate could, according to the OECD, climb to 4.6% in 2014 and 6% in 2015. Buoyed by large-scale projects and continually expanding domestic demand, this kind of growth is ensuring the continent’s increasing importance on the global economic stage. Orange has long supported the development of businesses present on site through its presence in over 32 African countries. In addition, Orange has located an MSC in Cairo, Egypt.
Its expertise led Ecobank, a multiservice bank operating across Africa, to turn to Orange to deploy an MPLS IP-VPN network and to set up its cloud solution. This gave the bank, which serves 10 million clients and employs 20,000 people at 1,284 branches, a more flexible, secure and easily-expandable network.