Digital trust: Orange Business makes a commitment and unveils its vision

In the digital age, data protection is a key issue, and trust is becoming a major concern for businesses. As an integrator of digital networks and services, Orange Business has made this a major challenge in its strategy to offer its customers the very best in digital services. Because we believe in active trust, i.e., trust that is renewed daily, we provide the necessary guarantees for the security of all your assets. How are we shaping this world of trust at Orange Business? Discover how.

Placing digital trust at the heart of our DNA

Today, digital transformation is essential for both public and private organizations. This revolution brings many benefits, but also certain risks: cyber crime, economic espionage and data capture. In this ultra-connected world, digital trust is essential and is becoming a prerequisite for establishing commercial relationships and partnerships. Eighty-three percent* of consumers say that the way companies protect their data influences the trust they place in them.

But trust is fragile. It is the result of numerous interactions throughout the product lifecycle. It also depends on geopolitical instability and the resurgence of cyber risks in a context of accelerating digitalization. This is why we are convinced that trust cannot be decreed but must be renewed day after day.

As a leading multi-service operator, Orange is committed to and contributes to the development of a society based on trust. This is the very essence of our raison d'être, shared by all our employees, customers and partners. The notion of trust is the foundation of our social and environmental commitments in response to global challenges. Our belief is as follows:

"As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world."

That's why, each day, we are building the digital security foundation with our cyber and data experts via our dedicated entities.

What are we doing to earn your trust?

Drawing on proven and recognized expertise

For Orange Business – the B2B entity of Orange – a global integrator of networks and digital services, this commitment is nothing new. We have the network, the skills and the technologies you need. For 22 years, Gartner has ranked us among the world leaders in network services. Orange Business is the only French player to use its own network to create the digital services of tomorrow. This enables us to guarantee you resilient and secure connectivity and a trusted digital infrastructure.

We pay particular attention to the confidentiality and sovereignty of our customers' data: we are convinced that digital trust plays a key role in business performance and customer loyalty. As a partner to vital or essential businesses and public administrations, our services meet the highest standards in terms of security, confidentiality, transparency and resilience.

We address needs across the entire digital value chain, through a unique end-to-end approach: from connectivity to the cloud, via data (data management via artificial intelligence or blockchain) and collaborative applications to cybersecurity. We build an environment of trust considering the technological, regulatory and operational aspects.

Drawing on proven and recognized expertise

Drawing on our expertise and our range of managed services, we integrate and manage digital services based on the criticality of our customers' activities and meeting several key attributes:

  • Security: we guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data and the security of applications
  • Resilience: we ensure continuity of operations whatever the context
  • Regulatory: we comply with standards and certifications in terms of data protection and reliability
  • Managing the risks of technological dependency: we meet your challenges with particular attention to the criticality of your data

Building on European sovereignty

As a French company fully committed to European values and regulations, we are particularly supportive of Europe's competitiveness and digital independence. That's why we take particular care to protect the data of companies and individuals from extraterritorial laws.

Sharing data in a secure and trusted environment is at the heart of our commitment. In partnership with IN Group, we have developed Agritust, a digital identity and decentralized consent solution. The service is based on a blockchain infrastructure hosted by Orange Business, guaranteeing the secure and controlled use of data before it is exchanged. We are actively monitoring the creation of other European data spaces to bring our expertise to bear. We are convinced that cooperation around data spaces is a unique opportunity to have a positive economic impact in Europe. This is why Orange is one of the 22 co-founders of the Gaia-X initiative and was recently re-elected as a member of its Board of Directors. Gaia-X, by enabling the collection and sharing of data based on the European values of transparency, openness, respect for privacy and security, is fully in line with our mission.

Being your trusted partner

Orange Business believes in "active trust" and transparency. It's about making trust a daily process that is measured and anticipated. This requires mastery of key infrastructures, from connectivity to the cloud, via cybersecurity and data. Our expertise in artificial intelligence enables us to supervise and manage these infrastructures. We are convinced that active trust is what will enable companies to provide their customers with a seamless experience and achieve their business objectives in a trusted, sustainable and inclusive digital environment.

*(Source: IDC Global Future of Manufacturing Survey, November 2022, n = 160)