White paper

Unleashing humans and AI in the battle against new and current threats

Uncover how AI is transforming cybersecurity in this whitepaper. Learn about AI-induced vulnerabilities, tailored cybersecurity risks for business departments and strategies for SMBs, large nationals, Fortune 500 companies and government institutions to protect against emerging threats.

In the same way that AI is representing a paradigm shift for human efficiency and how businesses are operated, it also represents a paradigm shift in how we need to approach cybersecurity. The use or misuse of AI has become affordable, simple and globally available to anyone with Internet connectivity.

This whitepaper reflects upon the consequences that AI represents in terms of how you approach cybersecurity, both for the sake of existing vulnerabilities within any application or infrastructure portfolio, but also discusses new threats coming from the consumption of AI services.

It also includes a breakdown of specific cybersecurity risks tailored to how specific business departments operate and gives advice about what priorities you should focus on in order to tackle the threats that are already on your doorstep and coming your way, no matter your company size or digital maturity.