White paper

Living on the Edge? The rise of fog edge computing in our low‑touch, autonomous world

Fog edge computing (FEC) promises to revolutionize traditional cloud architectures by bringing part of the processing closer to the user and the network edge.

FEC works in tandem with the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable brand new services and applications while improving the overall end‑user experience. Its benefits include reduced latency, improved security, cost savings, reliability and scalability.

Any organization with an installed IoT base can make their first steps to deploying edge by leveraging their existing infrastructure. Already many organizations are starting to make their transition in reaction to the uncertainties caused by COVID‑19. In fact, according to analyst IDC, 80% of edge investments are being driven by changed workforce and operations requirements during the pandemic.

In this paper, we look at how FEC can help the transition to a low‑touch, autonomous world and its application in the office, homeworking environment and Industry 4.0.