White paper

Innovation happens when you dare to ask the wrong questions

Any business contemplating digital investment plans must weigh whether they wish to simply "keep the lights on" or aim for transformational change. In reality, this is a "damned if you do, damned if you don’t" scenario, as achieving true digital transformation requires simultaneously shifting to an innovative mindset, while also operationalizing the business to create new relevance for customers.

Unlocking the innovation mindset

What you refer to as innovation today likely happens within the constraints of your current operating model, and this hardly favors asking the questions that force you to redefine the rules or transform your ways of working. So, how about accepting the idea of asking questions that may seem wrong because they challenge how you operate today? What about adopting new thinking that aims to solve problems or opportunities from a perspective that few dare to put to work.

Reviewing the groundbreaking science of the past proves that real innovation starts not within the safe spaces but at the edgier end of the spectrum. Innovation happens when you dare to ask the questions that may seem wrong for your current operating model. From there, the obvious is often right in front of you, as obscure or as hard as that might be to believe. This entails exploring new ways of thinking and working, even if it initially seems unsettling.

By adopting a bold approach and asking questions that challenge the very foundations of your current operating model, you can unlock untapped innovation potential. Looking beyond comfortable boundaries can lead to innovative solutions that truly transform your business and create new, sustainable value for your customers.

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