White paper

IDC report: Digital-first business success is built on a strong infrastructure ecosystem foundation

Digital-first business is on the rise; it is reinventing the way companies operate and deliver value. To succeed in this domain, customers need a solid digital infrastructure that acts as their supply chain.

With the Evolution Platform framework, we help businesses build their platforms by bringing together capabilities in cloud, connectivity and security. This comes with tools, operating models, in-house expertise and our ecosystem of world-class partners.

Evolution Platform also encompasses the transition and integration of legacy systems, making each customer unique and in need of tailored solutions.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients build a digital infrastructure that’s scalable, responsive and secure, driven by key outcomes for IT teams while directly supporting their objectives such as:

  • Create ability to launch or expand new digital business offerings
  • Reduce time to deploy or update critical applications
  • Drive employee satisfaction with better digital experiences
  • Detect and respond to cyberattacks faster and more effectively
  • Improve operational efficiency of IT

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