White paper

Computer Vision

Use cases and typical infrastructure studies with Orange

Computer Vision brings added value to multiple activities, in different economic domains

Computer Vision, by acquiring digital images and generating information from the understanding of them, provides added value to numerous economic sectors:

  • industries
  • cities
  • retail
  • territories

and activities:

  • security
  • quality insurance
  • measurement
  • marketing knowledge

Orange takes part of the Computer Vision ecosystem

Orange business units, and especially Orange Business, take part of this growth domain as infrastructure provider, integrator and Computer Vision solution provider.

Computer Vision use cases can leverage cloud, edge, 5G and Wi-Fi, to target different needs

The variety of uses and rolled-out conditions brings different needs and constraints, which a single cloud-based infrastructure cannot meet. 5G and edge provide new capabilities to Computer Vision, especially in industries, cities, retail and territories.

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