Your route to AI success

A practical guide to getting ahead of the game

Artificial intelligence is dominating business. Or at least, it dominates business conversations. Everyone wants to understand what AI is, what it means to them, and how they can deploy it to maintain a competitive edge. Every time we talk to customers, AI comes up. Even when it isn’t the main focus, it is the elephant in the room.

Of course, AI has been around for years. Why is everyone focused on it now? Because the planets have aligned; we have the massive data sets and compute power to use it effectively, and the emergence of Gen AI tools has brought the barriers to entry crashing down.

So, what’s missing? Specific use cases. The more specific the business need, the greater the likelihood of success. Saying you will deploy AI to improve productivity is too general: the objective needs to be hyper-focused.

Once you have your use cases, you must be clear on designing and building your approach. Businesses need to be aware of certain areas, put aside their assumptions, and invest the time and energy to get the implementations right.

And they do need to be successful. While AI’s potential impact is undoubted, there are still many concerns surrounding its use; poorly managed AI applications will hinder the technology’s acceptance within the business.

What, then, do enterprises need to consider when planning AI rollouts? There are five core areas:

  1. The business case
  2. Tackling data quality
  3. Using LLMs properly
  4. Security
  5. Network

To help, we’ve gathered insights from across Orange Business to break down these areas, identify what businesses need to be aware of, and highlight how they can incorporate these learnings into their AI rollouts.

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