SASE: network and cloud security across your distributed enterprise

Trends like hybrid working and the shift to multicloud are seeing enterprises become distributed in unprecedented ways. It means that your once clearly-defined network perimeter has changed into a constantly moving and disparate boundary, where the line between internal and external is blurred.

How do you protect it? SASE has the answers. Employees working from the office, home and on the road already existed before COVID-19, but the pandemic saw it increase rapidly. Around 70% of APAC employees want greater time and location flexibility moving forward, but that means a change in how you keep users and data secure. So it looks like hybrid working models are here to stay. It also means you need to focus on optimizing office operational costs, embracing SD-WAN and SD-Branch technologies to enable greater agility and increased innovation without opening yourself up to greater risk. Multicloud gathered even more momentum in the last few years as business flexibility became a priority.

Enterprises have sped up downsizing large data centers and looked at ways to manage costs and meet sustainability targets through cloud consumption models, while also developing new ways to process data and provide unique user experiences. It has also meant that enterprises have had to rethink traditional network infrastructure, where data centers could often be a barrier to scalability and a high cost center. Many companies are now seeing the value in adopting a centralized cloud security approach hosted by a third-party partner – as epitomized by SASE.

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