The future of industrial operations: Building an information-intensive environment, based on the convergence of IT, OT and humans

In today’s world, customers, competitors and markets are changing faster than ever before. 83% of firms say they need more speed and agility in their operations. 78% believe sustainability has become a primary way to drive product or service innovation.*

This creates major challenges. Download this IDC ebook to discover:

  • What organizational and technological changes are required to support new digital solutions to drive greater agility
  • What role digital twins, real-time data, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and asset tracking are playing in the smart factory of the future
  • How you can bridge the gap between traditional IT and OT environments for seamless and secure data acquisition, storage and processing to achieve your Industry 4.0 goals and create connected supplier ecosystems

*Longitude, Supply Chains: The real-time data imperative, January 2021