Find your path to productivity with Microsoft Power Platform

Enterprises are under constant pressure to do more with less and be more productive while at the same time more agile. It’s led to an increased demand for custom-built apps and tools and a generation of workers who want a more customized, tailored working environment.

Microsoft Power Platform can be the solution you need to help internal developers enable EX and improve productivity and workflows through custom app development, automation and conversational AI. Power Platform is a powerful tool that can change how workers work and how your IT teams enable them. With Power Platform, you have a suite of applications, connectors and a data platform that empower your teams with custom apps, automated workflows and data analysis to generate business insights.

It empowers you by integrating low-code solutions with your other Microsoft tools to enable quick, easy custom app development tailored to business, job or individual task needs. It’s designed to make employees more productive and is also ideal for freeing up IT resources to carry out more valuable, business-focused tasks – but there are challenges to deploying it successfully.

One big challenge is having the relevant in-house skills and personnel to be able to customize and tailor enterprise apps that drive productivity. That means being able to quickly develop and deploy custom business applications that don’t rely on extensive in-house programming expertise.

A major factor in successful Power Platform deployment is oversight. You may identify areas where custom app development can enable benefits, but you cannot allow it to run unchecked or risk a problem similar to that of Shadow IT. With appropriate Power Platform app development governance, you can reduce the risk of data security breaches and mishandling of sensitive information and ensure compliance with data regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

This eBook will give you the fundamentals about Power Platform and its ability to empower your workers, drive productivity and enable the appropriate governance to keep your app development on track and delivering benefits to your business.