8 considerations for exceptional customer engagement in retail

A retail company’s guide to providing truly customer-centric experiences

With the evolution of buying behaviors, the retail industry is experiencing a drastic change. Customer are constantly being exposed to innovative shopping experiences – either in store or online – and now expect much more than competitive prices and fast delivery services. To stand out, retailers must rethink customer journeys to create a flawless, tailored experience and make the most out of all touchpoints.

As the adoption of remote channels significantly grows, contact center is becoming a critical element of the mix. From engaging customers to generating additional sales, opportunities to build lasting relationships with customers are limitless.

For Genesys and Orange, the contact center of the future will be one that pays more attention to purposefully and proactively building positive emotions throughout the customer journey. Meet Unified Engagement Suite, powered by Genesys Cloud: an all-in-one solution that combines top-tier digital capabilities with advanced contact center functionalities for unified, predictive management of all customer relations channels.

Read this retail’s company guide to find out how to build a powerful, customer-centric contact center that delivers satisfaction and generates loyalty while growing revenue. Through use cases and industry best practices, see how Orange Business and Genesys can support you.