Case study


An Orange global WAN help desk solution is delivering a more efficient incident management service to Siemens, a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, for better end-user support and enhanced productivity. Read how in this case study.

Document ref: 0216/CCS-SIE-062(2)


“Managing global incidents for WAN is quite a challenge. As WAN incidents impact many other services, fast and comprehensive communication within our organization is key. To integrate the incident workflow from Orange to our Siemens integrated incident management system, the Orange SIAM help desk solution provided the right ratio of standard solution and customization. Validated information from the Orange experts at the help desk is now made available in seconds to the right target groups within our global organization. This guarantees maximum efficiency of the incident management process and, therefore, minimum impact on our business in case of incidents.”
Norbert Wieland
Global Service Manager for Siemens WAN