Managed frontline worker devices

Mobile computing technologies used by the frontline workforce have become an operational imperative and are essential for optimization through digitization. Why? Because frontline workers who are equipped with mobile devices have an increasingly profound impact on a company’s profitability, performance and growth.

While rugged, purpose-built devices used by frontline workers are built to withstand harsh conditions and even meet specific regulatory and safety requirements, they also have specific lifecycle care needs that are very different from that of devices used by office workers. This has often been underestimated, misunderstood or even overlooked by some organizations.

Each device represents an endpoint that needs to be managed throughout its lifecycle in order to deliver value, provide ROI and to ensure device security. In today’s digital world, no organization can take the risk of equipping employees with devices that are not properly maintained and secure.

Large organizations with device fleets in multiple locations, countries or regions can benefit from Orange Business global service reach and flexible delivery models.

Download this brochure to find out how Orange Business delivers control, security and efficiency for frontline-worker devices with our flexible set of managed services to ensure that your frontline-worker devices are always available, up‑to‑date and secure for optimal efficiency.