Intelligent observability for the modern infrastructure: Orange Business and Splunk

Orange Business and Splunk provide the speed and flexibility to improve insights and uptime of critical business services while delivering an optimal user experience.

The solution delivers insights and brings value to your data, with that data coming from the cloud application up to the end user or IoT device in your production area. Orange Business delivers the expertise to define, build and operate value-added use cases based on this data within the Splunk environment for the optimum impact on your business.

IT infrastructures, cloud estates and other areas in the IT landscape, such as customer experience, user experience, e-commerce and microservices, are increasingly complex. IT teams struggle to get clear visibility and maintain continuous business processes over this distributed landscape. Traditional monitoring tools can no longer provide the clarity to track and respond to issues in these dynamic environments.

Orange Business has teamed up with Splunk to address these issues. Our intelligent observability solutions deliver an unrivaled end-to-end view of how infrastructure health and application performance impact your business. Everybody talks about end-to-end, but Splunk goes one step further with IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Firstly, hybrid transaction begins in the cloud (microservices and containers) and ends on-premises (SAP, mainframe) or can even incorporate IoT data.

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