Have you considered the legal issues that accompany the cloud?

The move to multicloud delivers many business benefits, but it also increases complexity. They include legal considerations, such as data privacy and e discovery issues. This paper outlines an approach to mitigating legal risk.

The security of confidential data in the public cloud is seen as a significant risk by enterprises in many sectors. This nervousness goes above and beyond standard security concerns. Regulations regarding cloud computing are not standardized and do not fall under a single legal jurisdiction. Instead, enterprises face a plethora of ever changing laws that vary between regions.

In this brochure we take you through:

  • The four major risks associated with cloud – While the cloud brings with it many benefits, including agility, flexibility and scalability, it comes with risks you need to govern and manage. Organizations must fully comprehend these risks and mitigate them if they are to sleep easily regarding the cloud’s unique capabilities
  • 5 steps to limiting risk in the cloud – When looking at moving data to the cloud, you must understand that while some risk management moves to the cloud service provider (CSP), accountability for the actual risk still sits firmly with the enterprise. It is, therefore, vital that you do a robust risk assessment and understand where all data is stored and how it is accessed
  • Why choose Orange Business to mitigate regulatory risk in the cloud – Wherever you are on the cloud maturity scale, Orange Business can help you address the legal risks associated with operating in the cloud. These include, risk qualification, data classification and hybrid cloud recommendations to reduce risk

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