Extracting value from the cloud? Best practices to maximize the business value of cloud.

Most enterprises today have at least one application running in the cloud, but many struggle to realize the full business value from their cloud initiatives, bogged down by a lack of skills and uncertain strategies.

Value realization has never been more important. Cloud has enormous potential for business in terms of efficiencies, innovation and new revenue streams, but many enterprises have only tapped into a small percentage of the capabilities that cloud has to offer. The secret is to extract value from cloud and make the most of business opportunities, while delivering more with less.

Cloud is comprised of key components: technology, people and processes. An enterprise must have all of these to make its cloud estate work successfully. Having the right skills around development, cloud infrastructure, traditional networking and security are paramount.

In this brochure we take you through:

  • The three phases of cloud transformation
  • Cloud as part of the business strategy
  • Application transformation to drive growth
  • Creating a cloud center of excellence as a beacon of best practice
  • Creating a bridge between development and IT operations
  • The five steps to finding value in the cloud

Wherever you are on the cloud maturity scale, Orange Business can help you to get the most value from your cloud investment, providing multicloud managed applications services encompassing cloud-native applications. These include business strategy, application transformation, setting up a CCoE and managed services automation.

Discover more about how Orange Business can help you in this brochure.