Enterprise network transformation - Flexible SD‑WAN and SD‑LAN from Orange and Cisco in our low‑touch, autonomous world

After a year of global disruption, enterprises are looking to establish themselves in the new different. They are looking to SDx to streamline and improve the performance of their businesses and become more resilient.

Software‑defined everything (SDx) technology is proving itself as an efficient route to support the digital transformation of enterprises. SDx lets you continuously evolve with the changing demands of users and customers. It gives you scalability, enhanced security and cost control, with the ability to innovate more sophisticated solutions and harness the power of predictive analytics.

Network transformation is key to digitalization

Network transformation is necessary to unlock the potential of new digital initiatives, and SDx is an essential ingredient. As IDC points out, “connected and connectivity” are now more important than ever as businesses become increasingly distributed.

Together with our technology partner Cisco, we provide a wide range of SD‑WAN and SD‑LAN technologies to meet your business needs. Download this brochure to find out more about our approach to SD‑WAN and SD‑LAN.