Device Management Premium

A unified endpoint management solution by Orange

Workforce mobility across every industry is supported by millions of endpoints, such as laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. They also include many purpose‑built devices such as barcode scanners, in‑vehicle routing systems, point‑of‑sale terminals, wearables, ruggedized devices for harsh conditions – and the list goes on. Ensuring that these devices work properly and securely at all times has become essential to productivity and end‑user satisfaction. But managing devices across the global enterprise and integrating them seamlessly with the entire IT system is a major challenge for IT managers and company executives.

As the digital workplace becomes the new organizational standard, device proliferation and diversity, a constantly changing technology domain, an increasingly complex mobile IT ecosystem, and a lack of in-house resources and expertise remain among the many challenges for enterprises to overcome. With UEM by Orange, we can manage this burden so that you can focus on your core business.

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