Creating new business value in the cloud - Orange Cloud and Data Business Consulting

True digital transformation requires a considered approach: aligning technical and business strategies, integrating and orchestrating cloud, networking, and security to form a composable, robust, highly optimized open platform that integrates current and emerging technologies. This is the concept around our Evolution Platform, which is designed to deliver flexibility, modularity and scalability in a resilient and secure environment.

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as enterprises look to catalyze both internal operations and customer go-to-market products and services, touching more and more aspects of the economy. Most enterprises have begun to adopt public cloud services to improve flexibility, agility and scalability. However, according to Gartner, rarely are these public clouds optimized to deliver business outcomes.

Orange Cloud and Data Business Consulting can help you build a cloud strategy to maximize cloud computing efforts for your specific business needs. We advise customers on how to address these business challenges and make the most of digital opportunities using cloud as a catalyst for change.

Our approach is practical, pragmatic, vendor agnostic and designed to deliver results. This includes:

  • Shortening time to market
  • Protecting against legal risk
  • Navigating a path through the market and technical uncertainty
  • Increasing economic and operational efficiency

To help the customers in these business cases achieve the business results they want, we put each through our four-step Cloud Innovation Acceleration Program. It has been specifically designed to speed up the transformation you have started, regardless of where you are on that journey.

The program brings together our teams and your own to co-create a transformational approach that will provide a catalyst for change – and enable you to reach the full business potential cloud offers. You will come out with a ranked list of business cases and action plans, rated according to value and feasibility. This will enable you to decide where to best invest in the cloud.

It is important to note that business and cloud innovation isn’t a one-time tick box exercise. It requires continuous monitoring and updating to optimize performance and efficiencies. We will work with you to implement these changes, reduce risk and expand on existing and new opportunities. This will all happen at the pace of change you feel comfortable with regarding business, technology and the cloud.

Why Orange Business?

  • We work as part of your team to help you imagine the future, defining business scenarios you want to achieve in one, three or more years
  • We co-define the high-level technology landscape of the future, including people, governance, architecture and financials, so that you can visualize your future journey
  • We co-create the pathway to making these plans a reality, including interim "lighthouse" operating models, so that you can see the provisional results quickly
  • We make the actions in this strategy practical, using our extensive implementation and integration experience to make it concrete and workable, delivering the results you expect

For further details on how Orange Business can support you on your cloud journey, download this eBook.