Building cloud skills for the future. Your long-term strategy for addressing the cloud talent drought.

Cloud adoption continues at a pace as enterprises seek out agility and new revenue streams. But what happens after the migration? Enterprises must have a long-term plan to have cloud expertise embedded across all aspects of the business to address the crippling skills shortage – because it will only get worse.

The issue is that every business, organization and start-up is moving to the cloud. However, there isn’t enough expertise to go around. The stark truth is that without cloud talent, cloud will not deliver on its business promises.

Access to modern application development skills is now the most significant pain point for one in five organizations in Europe, according to IDC. In addition, 20% “strongly agree that the skills drought is delaying digital transformation journeys.”

The only way out of this drought is for enterprises to grow their own talent pools. This means investing in training internal staff during and after cloud migration. They must build extensive upskilling programs and consider using experienced partners to accelerate development. It is vital to take action because the challenge is systemic, and the issue isn’t going away.

In this brochure we talk about how you can take a three-phase approach to cloud skills enablement: train, enable and empower.

Additionally we take you through the five steps to ensuring cloud skills don’t dry up.

Finally, we take you through how Orange Business can help you train, enable and empower your cloud teams to be self sufficient, reducing time to market and driving innovation. This is done by embedding new skills, processes and mindsets with domain experts via pick-and-mix modules.

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