Are you struggling with cloud economics? Making a business case for cloud.

If you don’t master the commercial aspect of cloud, your business will lose out. Multicloud economics is moving way beyond a cost control exercise and is fast becoming a key building block in value creation.

When adopting cloud, enterprises often forget the many nuances in moving from a capital model allocation to an operating one, while still paying to run existing infrastructures. At the same time, there is often a disconnect between business and IT, which further confuses the situation. Business wants the best solution to deliver its strategic outcomes without much concern about how it is fulfilled.

FinOps is a powerful framework for controlling variable cloud costs and establishing true accountability across the enterprise. It is not only about saving money; it will also help drive business value and innovation.

By 2023, 80% of organizations using cloud services will establish a dedicated FinOps function to automate policy driven observability and optimize cloud resources to maximize value.

To help you establish a successful FinOps framework, download this brochure where we have put together 11 key points you should consider.

Additionally, this brochure outlines how Orange Business can support you. Whether you are just starting on your cloud journey or are ahead on the cloud maturity curve, gaining business value from the cloud or even basic FinOps can be a daunting task.

Orange Business has two offerings that can make this process much easier, helping you quickly and efficiently take back control of your cloud estate. We provide both a one-off FinOps assessment and a fully-managed FinOps service, details of which are in this brochure.