Analyst report

Why Orange is important to enterprises in edge services

Edge Services Strategy Assessment: Orange – 1Q22

Omdia recognized Orange for our significant scale: we are a communications and IT services provider with over €40bn annual revenue globally (largest telco deal sizes in Europe).
  • We derive approximately €7.2bn of our total revenue from multinational, domestic large enterprise, and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) services
  • We have a significant services share and multi-year contracts, including network, communications, cloud, data center and IoT deployments
  • In the edge arena, we have solid partnerships
  • We are a network-native digital services provider with the ability to support customers globally with depth and width of edge computing
  • In 80% of locations, we can offer customers a latency of 5ms or lower

This report is an elaborate description of our capabilities in the upcoming edge space.