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Orange Business named as Leader in ISG’s Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions Archetype Report

Date: September 2019
Lead author: Shashank Rajmane


Is your enterprise a Traditional, Managed Services, Transformational, or Pioneering Archetype when working Private/Hybrid Cloud and Data Center services and solutions?

A new report published from technology consultancy and research firm Information Services Group (ISG) identifies four digital transformation types. “Each archetype addresses a different challenge,” explains ISG Director Jan Erik Aase, “and a problem or opportunity might be a mix of archetypes."

The ISG’s Provider Lens™ Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services and Solutions Archetype report summarizes the relative capabilities of 30 data center outsourcing services providers and their abilities to address the requirements of four typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers referred to as archetypes.

And for an enterprise looking for a broad suite of managed services with transformation elements while improving productivity, ISG recommends leveraging the expertise of an outsourcing partner such as Orange Business who has been recognized as a Leader for Managed Services with a focus on mid-size businesses.


Cédric Parent
Cédric Parent
Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer for Cloud activities at Orange Business

"We are very proud to be recognized as 'Managed Services' (mid-sized focus) Leader in ISG 'Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions' September 2019 Archetype Report. This shows our strong positioning in the European market, on 'deals with ACV between $5 million to $15 million.' It also highlights our aim, as part of our core strategy, to continuously improve our operations in collaboration with our customers, including automation, orchestration and AI Ops."


Archetype Report: ISG Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions

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Orange Business (Orange) has more than 70 data centers globally to provide managed services to clients. It provides these services through six strategically located delivery centers across the globe. Orange is very strong in the European market, especially in Western Europe and the Nordics, with most of its data center revenues coming from the region. A large portion of its data center contracts are small in nature. It works on smaller deals that typical large service integrators try to avoid. Orange has developed Cloud4Value, a co-innovation program focused on delivering customer business outcomes.

Orange provides custom hybrid cloud solutions to large customers by setting up a private cloud environment with VMware vRA, Prologue’s UseItCloud multi-cloud cloud management platform or own DSRF (Digital Service Request Form) tool for more sophisticated customer-developed applications, and using public cloud hyperscalers to integrate their operation tools based on the client’s requirements. It has planned to allocate around $10 million annually over the next four years along with investing in the Autonomics program, which is part of its core strategy. Under this program, Orange has automated L1 and L1.5 ITIL processes with an aim to deliver consistent scalable services regardless of platforms, along with swift delivery and reliability through repeatability. The company has also implemented AI to enhance automation, predict outages and include self-healing features to mitigate. Orange also developed a large Talent Management program and delivered over 45,000 hours of training in addition to providing a self-service training portal addressing thousands of topics including technology, security, governance, compliancy, etc.

About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

This report uses research and analysis from ISG’s long-running work with enterprise clients and BPO services providers to identify and examine key changes, approaches and buyers in the private and hybrid cloud managed services space. We map the user-side requirements to provider-side offerings and capabilities. Not every user enterprise has the same requirements. In this report, we use four buyer archetypes, detailed in the following sections, to identify and assess buy-side requirements for business value relative to provider-side offerings and capabilities. All revenue references are in U.S. dollars ($US) unless noted.

The assessment methodology has been developed and refined over several years of working with buyers to understand and articulate their services requirements and from working with services providers to understand how those buyer requirements influence the development of suitable solutions and go-to-market strategies.

Find out more about ISG Provider Lens research.