Highly connected networks and objects are the pathway to real-time logistics and meeting rising customer expectations. We provide the right connectivity, collaboration and IoT solutions to improve your end-to-end supply chain on a global level.


Your issues

Global logistics are increasingly complex
International movement and storage is fluctuating constantly, making your everyday business more complex. It’s difficult to meet customers’ ever changing demands, and it’s challenging to comply with increased government regulations and to securely manage the extensive document handling flow. Connecting logistics-specific processes will help you simplify and improve operational effectiveness.

A volatile environment is slowing down your supply chain
Consolidations are every day’s business. Global supply-chain practices with more agility need to be developed to facilitate cooperation with business partners and to deliver superior real-time customer service.

Real-time traceability is now essential
Customers want to be updated constantly regarding the status of their deliveries. This requires visibility, traceability and transparency with a fully integrated view of real-time information across the supply chain.

Take employee well-being beyond regulations
Attracting and retaining the best talent is challenging in times when employees expect the best. Even more so within the logistics sector where long hours inside a truck or at sea, often in remote locations, are the norm. Offering tools for safety and social networking is essential to inspire productivity, operational efficiency and the welfare of your employees.


Real-time intelligence and the future of supply chains
The need for resilience is accelerating AI-enabled manufacturing, transport and logistics ecosystems. Learn more in this whitepaper.

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Lead your end-to-end logistics with “smart” connected solutions



Sea change
How digital is transforming shipping

Digital transformation has had a profound impact across many industries. Now the shipping sector is experiencing a technological revolution that will change traditional working practices forever.

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Stay connected everywhere all the time
Access critical business applications even in remote places. Reliable connectivity allows your crew and drivers to connect to the office or their networks, without exception, enhancing productivity. Our connectivity solutions help you to securely run your business on the road or at sea, just like any other office. With the right cyberdefense application, your company is protected against cyber threats along the way.

Simplify your global supply chain
Empower joint-venture and 3PL collaboration, and make your supply chain processes easier and more efficient. A shared software (cloud) infrastructure makes it possible to access and use shared applications for integrated joint planning purposes, increasing your on-time delivery rate and meeting customer demands.

Attain cost leadership through IoT
Stay ahead of your competition with specialized IoT solutions based on your business profile. Tracking, tracing and monitoring assets enables you to optimize essential processes and control costs. Whether it’s pallets, containers, vehicles or products, with our IoT solutions you will know the whereabouts of your assets, which can help to increase efficiency, utilization and to turn costly corrective maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Take employee well-being beyond regulations
Improve employee well being and win the war for talent. With wearable safety gear, video monitoring and e-health applications, you are able to keep your drivers and crew safe and more comfortable en route.


Our products and solutions


Enriched connectivity

Easy Go Network
Allows transport and logistics companies to instantly provision virtual network functions (VNF) for branch offices with full digital self-service ordering, customer care and reporting functions via a user-friendly portal

Business VPN
The world's first cloud-ready network, making it possible to share applications, enabling joint-venture or 3PL collaboration

Business VPN Satellite
Integrates satellite technology within the Orange Business VPN network to serve sites in regions with poor or non-existent communication infrastructure, either on land or at sea

Maritime Connect
Reliable connectivity to all maritime satellite networks, enabling you to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your business

Business innovation (IoT)

IoT Managed Global Connectivity
Modular IoT and analytics solution to enable advanced analysis and decision making within the supply chain

Fleet Management (Ocean)
Improve your fleet and limit fuel consumption through intelligent routing. Manage driver behavior and minimize accidents by tracking your vehicles and avoiding risky areas

Live Objects
Gain better control and increased efficiency of the supply chain by tracing your assets. By quickly locating your assets, you can increase productivity and control your costs

Flexible IT

Flexible Storage
Enable the supply chain in the cloud. Data must be stored somewhere, in the most efficient and practical way, while remaining flexible enough for our mobile way of living, working and operating. Storage: it's always there and is becoming more important

Customer experience and unified communications

Business Talk
Transform your telephony into IP while respecting legacy equipment, which makes large investments unnecessary

Contact Center Access
Deliver superior real-time customer service on a global level with Contact Center Access. Direct contact simplifies the reverse logistics process and increases overall service satisfaction

Business Together
Integrate all your communication tools with collaborative services for more effectiveness and enterprise productivity within the global supply chain


Reimagining supply chains

Reimagining supply chains

Optimize your global supply chain by using real-time data to create a more agile and responsive ecosystem.

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Global MPLS network supports future growth for ZIM

"We were looking for a reliable, transparent business communications partner, not simply a network services provider. Orange Business Services responded to this need. Its strategy and portfolio allow us to move forward with our business while being assured we will have a partner all along the road that is capable of adapting to our needs."

Dudi Avni, CIO, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, Ltd


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