Real-time intelligence helps you to adapt your warehouses, shipping fleets, ports, transport hubs and inbound and outbound logistics operations to fast-changing customer expectations and market conditions. We provide enterprises with state-of-the-art IoT and mobility services, AI and data analytics services and collaboration platforms to increase the agility and resilience of your supply chains around the world.


Your challenges

Reduce the risk of supply-chain disruptions
Gain global, real-time visibility across your operations to enable you to adapt quickly when the unexpected occurs. The post-COVID economy will rely on automated supply-chain management more than ever to ensure that business operations can respond quickly when they are disrupted by similar events. Smart asset tracking enables you to track the location, movement and interaction of fleets of logistics trucks, shipping containers, reusable packaging and goods to boost efficiency, reduce waste and deliver capital expenditure (CAPEX) savings. Unified Endpoint Management ensures the functional continuity of devices such as barcode scanners, kiosks, ruggedized tablets and smartphones.

Comply with regulatory conditions
Simplify the monitoring of the status of goods. Implement a digital documentation strategy to ensure import and export rules are adhered to and keep track of import duties and taxes. Use IoT solutions for condition monitoring to ensure the integrity and safety of fresh food, flowers and pharmaceuticals that require “fresh chain” or “cold chain” transportation. Handle any product recalls with speed and efficiency to protect the consumer and your reputation through automated alerts.

Accelerate delivery for the end customer
To meet customer expectations for ever-shorter delivery windows, adopt a “demand run” delivery strategy. Use AI to analyze the promised delivery times, number and locations of drop sites and real-time congestion, enabling you to optimize staff scheduling and delivery routes and reduce last-mile delivery costs. Keep the customer and control center informed, and send COVID-safe delivery confirmation notifications via mobile messaging.

Ensure health and safety and protect the environment
Long hours inside a truck or at sea are the norm in the supply-chain sector. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of drivers and shipping crews to maximize productivity and safeguard operations. Use geo-fencing, wearables and computer vision to protect workers from getting too close to hazardous machinery. Adopt an IoT monitoring and management solution to reduce energy and fuel usage across your facilities and vehicle fleets and minimize your carbon footprint.

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Reimagine your supply chain with real-time intelligence and smart digital solutions


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Real-time intelligence and the future of supply chains
The need for resilience is accelerating AI-enabled manufacturing, transport and logistics ecosystems. Learn more in this research report.

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Stay connected everywhere all the time
Access critical business applications, even in remote places. Reliable connectivity allows your crew and drivers to connect with their control centers and colleagues, without exception, enhancing productivity. Our connectivity solutions help you securely run your business on the road and at sea, just like any other office. With the right cybersecurity layers, your company, your assets and your employees are fully protected against all types of cyber threats.

Improve supply-chain decision making
Share real-time and historical data across business applications with the right stakeholders within and outside your organization, including third-party logistics providers. Well-orchestrated multi-cloud infrastructures and high-performing, automated business and IT applications enable you to increase efficiencies across your value chain and have a positive impact on KPIs, such as your on-time delivery rate. Data analytics, enabled by AI and machine learning, enable you to make better decisions to optimize your operations.

Increase agility and resilience with IoT
Digitally monitor and manage key assets to boost utilization rates, reduce waste and shrinkage (loss through theft, misplacement or breakage) and minimize carbon emissions. Track-and-trace solutions can help you optimize logistics processes, control delivery costs and understand the environmental impact of your operations. Whether it’s pallets, containers, vehicles or products, with our IoT solutions you will know the whereabouts and condition of your assets in real time. This enables you to improve delivery efficiencies, increase asset utilization, optimize energy consumption and turn costly corrective maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Take employee health, safety and well-being beyond regulations
Protect employees and make their daily lives better. With wearable safety gear, video monitoring, e-health and entertainment applications, you can keep your drivers and ship crews safe and more comfortable while on the road and at sea. People-counting solutions can help you ensure that physical distancing is respected in your warehouses and distribution centers. Make the daily lives of your employees easier and more productive with augmented worker solutions, such as AR/VR headsets, enabling remote maintenance of vehicles and AI-enabled routing to minimize distance traveled during daily deliveries.


The Maersk story

Keeping the global supply chain moving in a pandemic

Orange has been fundamental in keeping Maersk's global supply chain running in an unprecedented crisis. Tim Ferguson, Head of User and Distributed Technology at Maersk, discusses the company's challenges during the pandemic and how partnering with Orange Business kept business moving.


Our solutions for the transformation of global supply chains


Network transformation

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Reliable and highly secure IoT cellular connectivity for the worldwide deployment of your connected devices

Flexible SD-WAN

An agile and future-proof solution to enable cybersecure, multi-cloud connectivity for the branch offices and facilities at the heart of your supply chain

Business VPN Satellite

Satellite technology integrated within the Orange Business VPN network to serve your sites in regions with poor or non-existent communications infrastructure on land or at sea

Maritime Connect

Reliable connectivity to all maritime satellite networks, enabling you to quickly adapt to seamlessly integrate ships into your corporate network and provide voice and data services to crew

Internet of Things

IoT Connect Anywhere

End-to-end managed connectivity for IoT devices with a dedicated Low Power, Wide Area (LP-WAN) Network (LoRaWAN®) on customer sites, running on a highly-resilient, virtualized core platform

Smart Tracking

Visibility into the location, movements, condition and interactions of assets in indoor and outdoor environments

Mobile Threat Protection (MTD)

Protection for the mobility devices that your global logistics workforce uses 24/7/365 at sea, on the road, in warehouses and on customer sites

IoT Solutions

One-stop shop: we combine modular, end-to-end IoT business services with underlying infrastructure to help you seize the opportunities relevant to your business

Live Objects

Secured platform and complete suite of services for managing your connected objects, collecting and storing data and transforming it into actionable information

Flexible IT and agile collaboration

Business VPN Galerie

Fully-managed direct private connectivity to your cloud service provider for the best user experience and the same security, reliability and performance levels as your VPN

Flexible Applications Access

Simple and secure remote access to your company’s information systems, whether onsite or in the cloud, for employees working remotely or traveling or for partners

Unified Endpoint Management-as-a-Service (UEM)

Central monitoring, management and configuration of ruggedized mobility devices that frontline workers rely on, minimizing disruptions

Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Tools that enable you to delegate repetitive, rule-based tasks to bots and free up your workforce to do more complex, higher-value tasks. Combine RPA with machine learning, process mining, chatbots and blockchain for tasks that are not routine, repetitive or stable, such as invoicing and compliance document processing

Managed Applications

Application management services to ensure high performing, always-available cloud infrastructure and applications at all times

Customer experience

Flexible Contact Center

All-in-one contact center service that combines voice, chatbot and online help to create seamless and consistent customer experiences across channels, driving customer engagement and satisfaction

Unified Engagement Suite

Integration of leading customer-experience platforms from NICE or Genesys into your contact centers to  make your customer engagement strategy a competitive differentiator

Voice of the Customer

Real-time insights into your customers’ experiences to pinpoint recurring issues and empower agents with tailored coaching

Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS)

CPaaS enables consumers to communicate with you via Over-The-Top applications to schedule in-flight re-deliveries to a neighbor, store or smart locker. Automate the process of cascading urgent messages about product recalls to all stores



Reimagining supply chains

Reimagining supply chains

Optimize your global supply chain by using real-time data to create a more agile and responsive ecosystem.

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