Hyperconnectivity with cloud and real-time intelligence will allow the oil, gas and mining industries to streamline the performance of their global operations amid tough market conditions and timely address environmental priorities, such as decarbonization.


We understand your challenges and offer complete support for digital transformation in the oil, gas and mining sectors


Health and safety
The recent pandemic has had a profound impact on the natural resources industry. Global demand eroded, and concerns over employee health and safety rose. Operations in mines and offshore oil rigs had to be scaled down, while many workers were shifted to remote working. We worked closely with our customers in the oil, gas and mining industries to adapt to this new operational reality.

We mix the right connectivity solutions and digital workplace services with augmented reality and automation tools to ensure business continuity and renew operational performance.

The pandemic has prompted a renewed scrutiny on sustainability in the natural resources industry, with a strong focus on the decarbonization of operations. Reducing carbon emissions will help the industry meet its climate commitments, while simultaneously generating significant cost efficiencies and improving organizations' reputations.

We can help you tackle decarbonization with our IoT and data intelligence solutions.

Intelligent operations
Increasingly deep, remote and complex operations are placing greater demands on people, equipment and the environment. Technological advances with connected devices and sensors on assets, such as tools, have opened up new digital business use cases. Devices can be monitored in detail, even in hard-to-reach locations, underground and offshore.

The benefits of digitization of operations and real-time intelligence are now vital to the oil, gas and mining industries because margins have been challenged continuously, and exploration costs have steadily risen. We have the expert mix of connectivity, IoT and data intelligence capabilities.

Seamless global connectivity
The digital transformation of oil, gas and mining requires the correct mix of connectivity solutions and strong global reach to enable a variety of uses cases, from autonomous vehicles and augmented worker applications to off-shore satellite communications and asset tracking. Your network must be reliable, future-proof and always ready to adapt, so that it will act as a growth enabler for your business.

At Orange, we are leaders in converging connectivity options for digital business, such as SD-WAN, 5G, satellite, cloud connectivity, IoT connectivity and LoRaWAN. We ensure that you can quickly and securely access your applications and data on demand with seamless access anywhere in the world.


Our solutions for the natural resources industry


Seamless connectivity

Flexible SD-WAN

An agile and future-proof connectivity solution for the digital transformation of your natural resources operations

Business VPN Satellite

Integration of satellite technology within the Orange Business VPN to provide enriched communications to challenging sites, such as remote mining locations or ships at sea that may currently suffer poor or no communications

Maritime Connect

Reliable connectivity to all maritime satellite networks, enabling you to quickly adapt and seamlessly integrate ships or offshore rigs into your corporate network and provide voice and data services to crew

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Reliable and highly secured IoT cellular connectivity for the worldwide deployment of your connected devices and machines

Internet of Things

IoT Connect Anywhere

End-to-end connectivity from devices to data exposition with the deployment of a dedicated LoRaWAN® network on customer sites, anywhere, on demand and based on an existing virtualized core platform deployed and managed by Orange

Smart Tracking

A turn-key IoT solution for tracking the movement of critical assets in indoor and outdoor environments

IoT Solutions

One-stop shop: we combine modular, end-to-end IoT business services with underlying infrastructure to help you seize the opportunities relevant to your business

Live Objects

A secured platform with a complete suite of services to manage your connected objects, to collect and store the data and to transform it into actionable information

Real-time collaboration

Business VPN Galerie

Fully managed solution with direct private and expert connectivity to your cloud service provider. Offering the best user experience and the same security, reliability and performance levels as your VPN

Business Together with Microsoft

A suite of enriched communications services for Microsoft 365. From the simple deployment of Office 365 collaborative features to more complex projects around voice, video, cybersecurity and digital workspaces

Flexible Applications Access

A simple and secure solution for remote access to your company’s information systems, on site or in the cloud, for employees or partners working remotely or traveling

Robotic Process Automation

A virtual workforce that works around the clock performing time-consuming tasks, speeds up processes five-fold and provides employees with real-time guidance


Customer stories

Telecommuters keep global mining company’s operations moving
Telecommuters keep global mining company’s operations moving

Orange helped mitigate supply-chain risk and shore up this customer's business resilience by quickly getting all the company’s knowledge workers productive from their home offices within a very short time frame.

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Mining company co-innovates with Orange Business Services on IoT solution for offshore projects
Mining company co-innovates with Orange on IoT solution for offshore projects

A global mining company needed to keep miners safe when working with heavy equipment aboard its advanced offshore mining vessels and approached Orange to draw on our expertise in both mining and IoT.

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Compelling opportunities present new challenges

Oil and gas is embarking on digital transformation to exploit new onshore and offshore oil and gas assets, paving the way to streamlining existing extraction, refining and distribution operations. With our wide range of services, we can help you overcome today’s challenges, making your company more agile and ready to take advantage of new business opportunities and succeed against current competition. Find out more in this whitepaper.

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Compelling opportunities in oil and gas present new challenges