Orange Cyberdefense is rated "Very Strong" in GlobalData "Product Assessment Report - Global Managed Security Services"

Date:  25 May 2018
Analyst: John Marcus


According to GlobalData, Orange Cyberdefense rates “Very Strong” in security services scope and availability, service packages/support guarantees, security assessment and auditing services, authentication and encryption services, monitoring and event management, threat management and content security, and cloud security. This leads to an overall rating of “Very Strong,” an evolution from the previous “Strong” rating, which recognizes Orange Cyberdefense’s vision, strategy and ability to execute.

With an end-to-end portfolio, significant international capabilities, ongoing investment and recruitment of +1,000 experts, Orange Cyberdefense is on target to consolidate its position as a leading European cyber security player by 2020.

GlobalData Global Managed Security Services



"The recognition from Global Data consolidates Orange Cyberdefense’s position as a leading cyber security player. I would like to thank all Orange Cyberdefense teams for this achievement. Our efforts to bring our cyber security expertise to more locations over the globe, cultivate strong alliances and build an end-to-end portfolio is paying off. Equally, our customers increasingly recognize the value-add of our approach combining best-of-breed technology with deep expertise tailored to their needs.
As cyber security is a question of scale, we will further accelerate our expansion to boost our customers’ ability to manage digital risk. An effective cyber security is a key business differentiator – we will continue to help our customers embrace next-generation cyber security and thrive in the cyber age."

Michel Van Den Berghe
Michel Van Den Berghe
CEO, Orange Cyberdefense

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