Orange Business is rated "Strong" in GlobalData "Product Assessment Report - Managed Security Services"

Date:  29 September 2017
Analyst: John Marcus


According to GlobalData, Orange Business has made its Flexible Security Platform available, while at the same time adding hundreds of additional dedicated human resources to its security practice.

GlobalData Managed Security Services

Key strengths:

  • Based on revenues and resources, Orange Business is the market leader in France, with the scale necessary to compete for significant market shares beyond its home market
  • Orange Business is not dependent on legacy resale; its partner-based solutions are integrated into managed and cloud-based services that don’t require customer-owned CPE and the associated business model
  • Orange Business has budget for security investment: both tactical (regional acquisitions), and strategic (internal R&D), strengthening its hand and keeping it on the offensive competitively

"Since merging our security activities into a single entity in 2016, Orange Cyberdefense has sought to consolidate our multi-layer security offering and capabilities to better support organizations around the world and improve their cyber resilience.
"We believe our recognition by GlobalData is a reflection of our ability to effectively capitalize on our strengths, which we will continue to develop as we broaden our market reach and expertise in the coming years."
Michel Van Den Berghe
Vice President, Orange Cyberdefense
Orange Business

Michel Van Den Berghe

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