GlobalData - Global WAN Services - September 2017

Orange Business is rated "Very Strong" in GlobalData "Product Assessment - Global WAN Services" 2017

Date: 11 September 2017
Analyst: Joel Stradling


According to GlobalData, Orange Business sells a very strong global WAN backed by a major MPLS network and worldwide sales and support. Orange is investing in SDN, SD-WAN and virtualization technologies, and launched Easy Go Network SD-WAN during November 2016.


GlobalData Global WAN Services

Pierre Louis Biaggi

Pierre Louis Biaggi
Vice President
Connectivity Business Unit
Orange Business

"Connectivity has become more and more critical today, and we continue to invest in network solutions. Customers are trusting us to reduce the complexity of their journey and ensure that they can access their applications and data on demand in a secure way.
"To meet this goal, we are building a fully-automated network that is programmable and centrally orchestrated with best-of-breed virtual services.
"Because each customer follows his own pace, we are committed to proposing fully-managed and future-proof solutions at every step along the way."


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