Orange Business is rated Very Strong in GlobalData "Product Assessment - Global Industrial IoT Services"

Date: 5 October 2017
Analyst: Kathryn Weldon



According to GlobalData, Orange Business holds a Very Strong position within the global IoT services market.

Our strengths include:

  • Comprehensive portfolio: Orange Datavenue, launched in France in 2015, offers a comprehensive set of building blocks for IoT, with connectivity management, object integration, data and app platforms, partner solutions and professional services
  • Technical resources: Orange has a growing set of app developers, analytics experts, R&D engineers and regional resources, representing over 700 employees dedicated to IoT and data analysis. In addition, Live Objects is a framework allowing businesses to design and implement IoT projects by connecting objects and machines, extracting data from connected objects, presenting the data and transforming it into relevant information
  • Wide-ranging connectivity: Orange has a mobile network in 28 countries, global MPLS connectivity, 500+ roaming agreements, WiFi, satellite, radio/mesh networks and a LoRa network in France in 120 urban areas (2,600 towns) as of January 2017. It will also be launching LTE-M in Spain and Belgium with rest of Europe to follow, in 2017
  • Strong growth: The Orange IoT business has grown to more than 13 million connections, a growth rate of 35%

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