Orange Business is rated "Very Strong" in GlobalData "Product Assessment Report - Global Industrial IoT Services"

Date:  4 April 2019
Analyst: Kathryn Weldon


"Orange Business Service has a very strong, comprehensive, end-to-end approach to IoT, with platforms, analytics, app development and systems integration resources. With diverse access options, it has 17.1 million connections, including a large LoRa® user base."

Kathryn Weldon, GlobalData


GlobalData Product Assessment Report - Global Industrial IoT Services April 2019

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Very Strong and Above Product Class Average in Overall, Value Services, Vertical Markets, Application Development, Partnerships and Connectivity

GlobalData Global Industrial IoT Services

Key strengths

  • Comprehensive portfolio: Orange Datavenue offers a comprehensive set of building blocks for IoT, with connectivity management, object integration, data and app platforms, partner solutions and professional services. Partnerships in 2018 with Microsoft and Siemens fleshed out application development options while acquisition of Business and Decision expanded data correlation and analytics
  • Technical resources: Orange has a growing set of app developers, analytics experts, R&D engineers and regional resources, with over 2,500 employees dedicated to IoT and data analysis. In addition, the Live Objects platform allows businesses to design and implement IoT projects by connecting objects and machines, extracting data from connected objects, presenting the data and transforming it into relevant information
  • Wide-ranging connectivity: Orange has a mobile network in 28 countries, global MPLS connectivity, 500+ roaming agreements, Wi-Fi, satellite, radio/mesh networks and a LoRa network in France covering 95% of the population. It has both LTE-M and NB-IoT in Belgium, with LTE-M in six countries. Future plans are to extend LTE-M in Europe, the U.S. and Japan in H2 2019 and launch 5G in 2020
  • Strong growth: The Orange IoT business has grown to 17.1 million connections, a growth rate of 26%, since 2014. Connections are split into automotive/transport (45%), smart cities and territories (34%), industry/manufacturing (10%) and daily life/healthcare (11%)

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