Orange Business is recognized as a "Leader" for Professional Services in GlobalData "Product Assessment Report - Global Enterprise Mobility Services"

Date:  1 May 2018
Analyst: Kathryn Weldon


According to GlobalData, the Orange Business portfolio for managed mobility services continues to be rated “Very Strong” and “Leader” for Professional Services in particular. Orange Mobile Enterprise has sharpened its focus on developing a new multi-sourcing service integration (MSI) strategy for MNCs to outsource their mobility.

GlobalData Global Enterprise Mobility Services



"We are once again very pleased that GlobalData has recognized Orange Mobile Enterprise as Very Strong in the recent Product Assessment Report for Global Enterprise Mobility Services. In particular, we are a Leader for Professional Services where GlobalData cited our increased capacity to analyze and address the specific mobility needs of MNCs.
"Indeed, in 2017 we further developed our professional services capabilities around EMM, mobile security and process and cost management to offer our customers increased productivity, security and budget control."
"As customers’ needs continue to evolve, we now innovate through an operator-agnostic approach coupled with multi-sourcing service integration to manage our customers’ mobility on their behalf, while ensuring full governance, harmonized processes and end-to-end management of services."
Jan van der Merwe
Vice President Orange Mobile Enterprise
Orange Business

Jan van der Merwe

In their latest Competitive Landscape Assessment for Global Enterprise Mobility Services (12 December 2018, Kathryn Weldon), GlobalData continues to rate the Orange Business portfolio “Very Strong” for: Managed Mobility Services, Mobile Applications, Operations and Professional Services.

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