Frost & Sullivan Europe - Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - February 2017

Orange Business is recognized for Leadership in Managed Security Services Europe. "Frost & Sullivan Europe; Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - Managed Security Services Provider"

Date: 16 February 2017


Thomas Gourgeon

Thomas Gourgeon
Head of International Business Development

"Orange has invested heavily over the last years in cybersecurity, whether inorganically through the acquisitions of Atheos and Lexsi, or organically through patented technology developed by the Orange Labs and the consolidation of our Security Operations Centers globally.

"Orange Business has gathered within a dedicated Orange Cyberdefense business unit more than 1,000 security experts. We help our customers develop a proactive cyberdefense framework, built on top of our Cyber Security Operations Centers. We complement our managed security services with a risk-based approach developed by our consulting teams so that protection - and budget - is focused on where it matters. And we periodically assess the underlying infrastructure with our audit and penetration teams for continuous improvement, in order to stay ahead of the attackers' game.

"As a Tier 1 ISP and global operator, we defend our infrastructures against many attacks and we feed the knowledge gained in the process into the platforms that defend our customers. Our Epidemiology Lab gives us valuable insights and Indicators of Compromise on emerging strains of malware. And our Computer Emergency Response Team scouts the Internet for new threats targeting our customers. Beyond traditional security, we create an adaptive and innovative cyberdefense ecosystem in order to keep up the fight against increasingly pervasive and volatile threats.

"This endorsement from Frost & Sullivan is a great recognition that our strategy is gaining market traction."