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Physical stores are still driving between 80% and 90% of total retail sales in most markets. But to thrive in the new highly competitive retail era, you will need to deliver exceptional in-store experiences that meet the growing service and technology expectations of customers. Key to this is ensuring your stores harness cutting-edge connectivity and digital services to drive engagement, interaction and personalization. All of which boost loyalty and sales.

Serving over 260 million customers at our own 5,300+ stores around the world adds to our extensive first-hand knowledge of the retail sector and the challenges it faces.


How to deliver the best in-store customer experience

Your stores remain important touch points in the customer journey. And your customers expect in-store experiences that go beyond shopping.

Download our infographic to discover how Orange Business Services can transform your retail locations with advanced technology.

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Deliver the best in-store customer experience


Optimize the performance of your retail stores by leveraging data

Increasing competition from e-commerce players and rising real estate costs are putting pressure on margins. Retailers are looking for ways to improve the performance of their stores by leveraging the growing amount of available data.

Distribution networks are being reinvented. The latest connectivity and IoT technologies are driving increased visibility across operations and are enabling new digital experiences inside stores.

Orange has a range of innovative digital solutions that harvest the growing amounts of retail data and turn it into key insights that will guide your store transformation decisions.

Download our interactive document to find out how you can harness the power of data and transform your retail operations.

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