Changing customer expectations and journeys

Retail is directly affected by customer demand, probably more so than any other industry. Shoppers want more choices, flexibility and mobility – all at lower prices.
They make purchase decisions at any time along their shopping journeys. This makes an omnichannel strategy essential in providing seamless, consistent experience across all channels, on every device and in person.


Companies with strong omnichannel strategies retain 89% of customers, while those with weak ones keep just 33%.

Microsoft 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report


Your four-step journey to achieve customer experience excellence in retail

Your four-step journey to achieving customer experience excellence

To deliver on growing customer expectations, retailers need to have a single view of customers and operations. This enables them to take a customer-centric approach to delivering a superior experience and driving increased loyalty and sales.

Provide your customers with experiences that stand out with these four steps:

  1. Strengthen your digital presence and grow online sales
  2. Get closer to customers and improve loyalty
  3. Unlock hidden customer insights
  4. Unify online and offline channels


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The rise of mobile shopping

Mobiles have become the center of customer interaction, with 61% of the world’s population expected to use mobile Internet by 2025 (GSMA). The mobile channel is an essential growth driver for retailers. It is critical to providing a superior end-user shopping experience on mobile devices through high performing, responsive websites and mobile shopping smartphone applications.

Despite the fact that today mobile sales only account for around 5% of total retail sales, the mobile channel is estimated to influence one out of three purchasing decisions (Forrester), highlighting the need to ensure that the mobile experience is consistent and unified with other sales channels.

AI-powered journeys

Customers expect speed, accuracy and simplicity in their interactions with brands. By harnessing the best of humans and bots to analyze customer journeys, you can elevate conversations and enrich experiences using increasingly predictive and personalized engagements with customers. In addition, sales associates are empowered to meet and anticipate customer expectations, which results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty across channels and touchpoints.

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