Moving processing closer to the edge where data is produced can push network performance up several gears, increasing productivity. This is where “edge computing” is making its name.

Edge computing is transforming the way organizations handle data, with new applications demanding real-time computing power. The enormous increase in IoT devices is helping to drive this change. Gartner describes edge computing as “a distributed computing topology where information processing is placed closer to the things or people that produce and/or consume that information.”

One of the most significant benefits of edge computing is its ability to increase network performance by reducing latency. It offers higher bandwidth, accelerated data analytics, enhanced security and scalability.

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The edge of innovation

In today’s fast-moving world, every business is a digital business. With the expansion of the Internet of Things, the exponential growth in devices and real-time applications as well as the need for flexibility, viability and security, edge computing really can provide the edge.

Cloud-computing-evolved edge computing is a new stage in the evolution of cloud computing. It consists of shifting remote data storage and processing from distant servers to the edge of the network. Thus, the data no longer systematically passes through the “cloud” but is processed locally, close to the people or machines that produce and/or consume it.

Check out our infographic to see how edge computing is part of network transformation.

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Edge computing really can give you the edge


Creating a cloud-agnostic offer requires a broad vision: the ability of Orange to help us build a solution based on best practices and the best public cloud technologies is what won us over. With Orange as a local partner for our hybrid cloud strategy, our teams have the best tools to support our customers around the world to quickly deploy IoT networks and accelerate digital transformation.


Jean-Christophe Caquet, Head of IT, Kerlink



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