Are you looking to save money while performing the same amount of tasks? Real-time collaboration is a way of achieving this by providing alternatives that bring efficiency and productivity.

In broad terms, to transition to the cloud you have the choice to do it yourself and engage with multiple local providers, where needed, or to work with a global provider. Your decision often comes down to a question of time, money and skills. Not only for planning and delivery, but also for the operate phase. Either way, preparation is key to avoiding the global pitfalls.

A transformed network provides you with a platform for experimenting with new technologies to solve business problems and unlock opportunities.

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Employees get frustrated when collaboration doesn’t go hand in hand with thorough network transformation. In addition to the other benefits, we can help you maximize user experience when it comes to reliability and performance through orchestration on Flexible SD-WAN.

We all know how this feels...

Low bandwidth

...this is what network transformation can do.

High bandwidth


Direct Routing

Direct routing

Direct Routing is calling done your way. It allows you to work with Orange to provide calling to or from the PSTN. When a Microsoft Teams Phone System user makes a call, we route the call over our Business Talk SIP voice service, in addition to directing inbound calls to the user. Direct Routing offers a number of advantages. For example, it eliminates the need for equipment on premises, optimizes call routing and facilitates a future-proof architecture.

What’s not to like? We offer local voice calling in 24 countries and DID porting in another 27 countries. Business Talk Digital allows you to manage your DID numbers (order a new number in under two minutes). But we go beyond a large footprint of countries by optimizing calls using media bypass. With this technique, every call takes the most direct path to its destination, improving call quality.

To make your life easier, we developed Flex365, an innovative self-care portal. It enables you to assign the appropriate profile to users and avoid manual mistakes. You can use the tool to submit changes and service requests and to manage your Microsoft Teams user profiles.

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We succeeded in maintaining our high level of customer experience across our global branches, despite COVID-19 pandemic implications, necessitating many of our customer service teams to work from home with very short notice. This was in large part thanks to Orange Business technology and capabilities.


Assaf Tiran, Global Customer Service Vice President, ZIM



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